Cappy's Pizzeria

WBRS is proud to partner with Cappy’s Pizza and Subs! Located at 559 South Street, right next to the train tracks, Cappy’s provides everything from pizza to baklava at prices that college students can afford. Delivery and pickup are available – their number is (781) 899-7132.

The Justice

WBRS is committed to its long standing partnership with The Justice, the independent student newspaper of Brandeis University. You can access The Justice  for breaking news around campus, online, on Facebook, or at thejustice.org.


WBRS is proud to have Brandeis Television as a partner. Brandeis Television funds and produces student films and media projects. If you have any interest in directing, writing, producing, acting, make-up, or costume design join today! You can find BTV on Facebook or on the third floor of the Shapiro Campus Center right next to WBRS’ own studio.