WBRS Board Members


Nathan Benjamin

Nathan Benjamin, General Manager


Nathan Benjamin is one of those people with two first names instead of a first name and last name, which is why we made him the General Manager of WBRS. This is a very nice picture of him on a bridge; I couldn’t tell you which one. He enjoys $6 C-store strawberries, button up shirts, and The Economy. He was Business Director until he went to Amsterdam last semester but now he’s back and ready to generally manage things, I assume. Email him at gm@wbrs.org if you have a question about the station, or if you just want to chat about strawberries.

Becky Israel

Becky Israel, Programming Director


Becky is the Programming Director for NPR… I mean WBRS, whoops. She started at WBRS as a wee sophomore and is still here as a senior, somehow. She hosts a music show called “Before and After” on Wednesday nights from 10 to 11, sets the schedule, and updates this very website!1!! When she’s not doing radio related things, Becky works on cases as an associate justice on the Student Union Judiciary and bakes a lot bread and cookies. If you have any requests for baked goods, send them to programming@wbrs.org. Or, you know, if you are interested in becoming a DJ/have any questions about the schedule, email her about that too.

Ryan Gebhardt

Ryan Gebhardt, Business Director


Ryan is the Business Director at WBRS which means he is responsible for keeping track of the WBRS spending and budget. Ryan is an Economics major and International and Global Studies minor. Outside of WBRS he is involved several music recording projects that you can check out on Spotify or iTunes. Ryan does not have a show this semester but is a frequent late night host on weekend evenings.

Yair Koas

Yair Koas, Technical Director


Yair Koas is the Technical Director at WBRS which means that you can generally find him holding a bunch of cables and wires – he rose to power in the Spring of 2016. When not turning things on and off again, Yair is heavily involved as an actor in major theatrical productions on campus, so check those out too. He practices and competes in Tae Kwon Do, enjoys a strongly brewed tea, and is currently growing his beard so stay tuned for updates. His show (with Tobias Reynolds) is titled “But Wait, There’s More!” and is on-the-air on Sunday nights from 9:00 – 10:00 PM. Fan mail and technical questions can be sent to: tech@wbrs.org.


Isaac Zukin

Isaac Zukin, Music Director


Isaac Zukin is currently Music Director and future General Manager of WBRS. You can find him on Friendster, MySpace, LinkedIn, and Tinder ;)) He is currently a sophomore majoring in IGS and IMES (look em up). He enjoys long moonlit walks on the beach and cuddling up with a nice warm pizza (but not from Cappy’s anymore, unfortunately. we’re looking for sponsors actually, hmu). Email him at music@wbrs.org for more information about getting involved in the Music Department or international politics.

He has office hours from 8:00 PM to 9:00 PM every Monday in the WBRS studio.

Olivia Givens

Olivia Givens, Personnel Director


Olivia is Personnel Director at WBRS. Her interests include amphibians of various sorts, napping, and sending out mass emails. She is currently a junior majoring in HSSP and Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies. When she’s not hanging out with her lizard friends, you can find her in Gosman running? Email her at personnel@wbrs.org if you have any questions about about anything, really… life, love, ice cream… or if you’re a prospective DJ, email her for more info.

Yaron Marciano

Yaron Marciano, Communications Director


Yaron is the communications director of wbrs. Loves that he majors in film and usually brings it up at least twice a day. His show “whatever I feel like” is just what it sounds like on Saturday nights at 11. When not at the studio he’s honestly not doing that much. Maybe playing Smash. It’s senior year. Communications@wbrs.org

Matt Gubenko

Matt Gubenko, News Director


Matt is a first year student and a prospective economics major with a minor in business. Matt’s dream job would be doing consulting or finance for an international firm focused in trade and commerce. Beyond the classroom Matt has a love for any adventure sport that requires a waiver to sign his life away in particular rock climbing, jet skiing and snowboarding. Matt’s favorite food is scorpion roll sushi and his favorite artist is Monte Booker from Chicago’s Soulection label. Email him at news@wbrs.org for any information about the News Department!
Gaby Sierra

Gaby Sierra, SPUD Director


Gaby is the Director of Special Productions. Email her at spud@wbrs.org if you want to get involved!
Low quality photo, high quality position. √
Matthew Schecter

Matthew Schecter, Sports Director


Matthew is the Sports Director for WBRS. He is a sophomore majoring in Politics and Philosophy. In addition to hosting Sports Cafe Wednesday nights from 7 to 8, Matthew also coordinates and manages the broadcast of Brandeis Athletics. When he is not talking about sports, Matthew is discussing Israeli politics as Campus Coordinator for BIPAC and hanging out with friends. If you are interested in talking sports or broadcasting a Brandeis athletic event, please email sports@wbrs.org.

Sage Rosenthal

Sage Rosenthal, Chief Announcer


Sage is the Chief Announcer here at WBRS. She got involved with WBRS when she was a little first-year. She hosts a spicy music show Sunday nights at 7 PM called “Sage Thyme,” and makes sure all them DJs have perfect attendance. When she’s not jamming on the radio you can find her working at Lemberg, or just running around campus anywhere from IBS to Mandel. Check out my show, or hmu on myspace.