WBRS Board Members


Lee Nisson

Lee Nisson, General Manager


Lee Nisson ’14, is a senior currently serving as the General Manager of WBRS. Lee is a History and Business double major with a minor in East Asian Studies. He has served previously on the board as the former Publicity (now Communications) Director and News Director. Lee has hosted a number of shows over the years including, Legendary, Schmooze with the News, and Reading the Newspaper. In addition, to being a YMA Fashion Scholarship Fund case study winner in 2012, he is a member of Brandeis Men’s Ultimate Frisbee team, TRON, and has held leadership positions in the Brandeis Libertarian and Conservative Union (BLCU), Brandeis Organization of Sephardic Students (BOSS), and Brandeis Orthodox Organization (BOO).

Danny Reisner

Danny Reisner, Programming Director


Danny Reisner ’14, is a senior currently serving as the Programming Director of WBRS. Danny is an American Studies and Politics double major with a minor in Legal Studies. He has served previously on the board as the former PSA Director and Assistant Sports Director. Danny has hosted a number of shows over the years including, Beer and Balls, Hanging With Hillel, The Sports Café, the Sports Reflectors and Reflecting on Homework. Danny can also be heard broadcasting Brandeis basketball and baseball games and considers himself one of the foremost experts on Brandeis sports. When he is not doing WBRS things he occupies his time with his various other extracurriculars including AEPi, club hockey, and orientation.

Carl Lieberman

Carl Lieberman, Business Manager


Carl Lieberman, a sophomore economics major with a particular interest in regression analysis and human behavior, has been involved in the WBRS business department since his first semester at Brandeis and has served as the Business Manager since his second. As a DJ for WBRS, he hosts shows about hip-hop and food and is also active within the sports department. In his personal time, he studies the poetics of rap and the culinary arts.

Jess Ochs-Willard

Jess Ochs-Willard, Technical Director


Jess Ochs-Willard ’15 is the current Technical Director of WBRS. His duties include general oversight of station hardware, automation maintenance, and network development. Jess is a junior pursuing a B.S. in Computer Science and Mathematics, and is an applicant for the Columbia Combined Engineering Program (Class of ’16). He is also a member of Brandeis’ varsity fencing team, with over 100 personal victories in his 3 years as a starter, and was an At-Large candidate for the 2013 NCAA Fencing Championships as well as a 2013 UAA All-Academic Honoree. Jess is an employee of Brandeis Library and Technology Services as well as the Department of Computer Science, but still has a hand in the humanities, having won a J.V. Cunningham Award for Excellence in Writing during his freshman year.


Shane Silverstein

Shane Silverstein, Music Director


Shane Silverstein ’14 is currently serving as the Music Director of WBRS for the third year (originally as an assistant). Shane is majoring in International & Global Studies and Anthropology, and minoring in Economics. Shane has hosted his show AKA Alternative since his freshman year, on Wednesdays from 7 to 8 PM. As Music Director, Shane maintains and expands WBRS’s music library, plans WBRS’s concerts at Cholmondeley’s Coffee House (including designing flyers), and is currently on the planning committee for Springfest for the third year. Shane also works in the office of the Rose Art Museum as an Office Assistant, designing much of the Rose’s visual communications.

Connor K. Novy

Connor K. Novy, News Director


Connor K. Novy is the News Director of WBRS. She is a junior, studying Economics with minors in Business and Linguistics. She has experience in written news and photography. Her duties include overseeing the News Department, and you can hear her on her music and talk show, Car Talk (not about Cars.) Her hobbies include drinking coffee and punching things.

Adam Schlitt

Adam Schlitt, Sports Director


Adam Schlitt ’14, is a senior currently serving as the Sports Director of WBRS. Adam is an International and Global Studies major with minors in Economics and Anthropology. Adam has hosted the Sports Reflectors since spring semester of his sophomore year and is now also the host of the Sports Cafe as well as a panelist on the Official Review with Ethan Levy and the Verdict with Omri Nimni and Jacob Moskowitz. He also works in the Athletic Department as an intern for the Sports Information Director.

Sam Bender

Sam Bender, Personnel Director


Sam Bender, WBRS’ Personnel Director, hails from Seattle, Washington and enjoys listening to music of all genres, but mostly varieties of rock. This is his senior year, and in between trying to keep the Omegas from kicking him off campus and trying to transfer his credits from the South Harmon Institute of Technology he is a double FTIM and IGS major. He has a show on Mondays at midnight and a show with Isaac Vesery on Saturdays from 7-9pm. If you want to get involved in the station, Sam is the man to talk to.

Luky Guigui

Luky Guigui, Communications Director


Luky Guigui ’14 is a junior graduating early. He is an Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies major with Economics, History, and Politics minors. He is currently the Communications Director but was previously the Public Service Announcement Director and he is a host on the sports show, The Extra Point. He is an Associate Justice on the Student Union Judiciary, the Religous Coordinator of the Brandeis Organization for Sephardic Students, a recruiter for MEOR, and a Founding Father and the Vice President of AEPi Brandeis. Luky Guigui loves to travel, hang out with friends, and watch sports.

David Handler

David Handler, Director of Special Productions


David Handler ’14, is a senior currently serving as Director of Special Productions (SPUD). David is an IGS Major with minors in History, Economics and South Asian Studies. When he isn’t busy with WBRS or preparing for his future outside of Brandeis, David is a very avid swing dancer and vice-president of Brandeis Swing Dance. David is also a talented archer.

Brian Levy

Brian Levy, Chief Announcer


Brian Levy ’15, is a junior at Brandeis University studying History and Legal Studies. Brian serves as the Chief Announcer at WBRS. He is the host of the hockey talk show, Slap Shot with Brian Levy, and has been a panelist on the popular Beer and Balls show and the Sports Cafe for the past two years. He has over 70 games of sportscasting experience in football and basketball as well as some brief experience with the Wilkes-Barre Scranton Penguins professional hockey club. A native of Clarks Summit, PA, Brian credits his early career experience to Tom Grace, the former Voice of the Wilkes-Barre Scranton Penguins, and Jesse Manning, the former General Manager of WBRS.

Gil Henkin

Gil Henkin, Archivist

Gil Henkin ‘14 is serving as the WBRS Archivist. He’s graduating with a B.S. in Physics and a minor in Mathematics.  In the past he has run the electronic music show Space Jams, and he currently hosts a science/technology news show, Smart Balance.  He is serving on the board of the Brandeis chapter of Amnesty International and works with Students for Environmental Action (SEA) in supporting local community agriculture projects.

Harris Cohen

Harris Cohen, Live Music Coordinator

Harris Cohen ’16, is a sophomore currently serving as the Live Music Coordinator for WBRS. Harris is a Politics and Philosophy double major. Harris has been a host of Fresh Outta The Kitchen for the last year now.  He is involved with the Brandeis’ music scene being an active member of both BAMCO and serving on the Executive Board of B-Deis Records.  Harris is also a member of the AEPi fraternity at Brandeis.  Playing under the alias How Deep Was The Ocean, Harris is an active performer on campus and an aspiring entrepreneur.