WBRS Board Members


Matthew Schecter and Isaac Zukin

Matthew Schecter and Isaac Zukin, General Manager(s)


Isaac Zukin is a senior at Brandeis University studying International & Global Studies and Islamic & Middle Eastern Studies. He is one of our General Managers and runs a weekly show on WBRS called Mics of the Roundtable which focuses primarily on Hip Hop and Folk (but has a little bit of everything thrown in there.) If you want to get involved with WBRS, he is a great place to start. Feel free to shoot him an email at GM@WBRS.org
Matthew is a senior majoring in Philosophy and Politics. Before he became one of the General Managers, Matthew was Sports Coordinator. He runs a weekly sports talk show called Breaking Balls which features prominent guests and high quality jokes. Feel free to contact Matt with any questions at gm@wbrs.org.
Charlotte Lang

Charlotte Lang, Programming Director


Charlotte is the Programming Director for WBRS 100.1 FM. She joined the station at the end of her Sophomore year at Brandeis, jumping into the role of Communications Director. From there, she revitalized the Instagram (follow @brandeiswbrs) and hosted her show “Ultimate Tr@sh” with former-GM Olivia Givens. Also on the Brandeis campus, Charlotte has been involved in Waltham Group’s Afternoon Enrichment, Kappa Beta Gamma Sorority, Banshee, and Student Union. As Programming Director, Charlotte handles scheduling, website maintenance, blog posts, and acts as the bridge between the DJ community and our E-board. Reach out to her to learn more about joining WBRS, writing for the blog, and starting your own show!

Victor Bianchi , Business Director


Yair Koas

Yair Koas, Technical Director


Yair is pumped to be running the tech and all at WBRS for the second time around! He is a Senior and double major in Theater Arts and Classical Studies. He also hosts a weekly music show so call or text in your requests!


Mady Alnemy

Mady Alnemy, Music Director


Mady is currently our Music Director. Feel free to reach out to her with any questions at all at music@wbrs.org. She holds office hours every Monday from 8 to 9 PM in the WBRS studio.

Rachel Sterling

Rachel Sterling, Personnel Director


Hey, I’m Rachel and I’m the Personnel Director at WBRS. I have a big love for music and concerts and I also have my own show on the air from 7-8 on Fridays! (shameless plug) My role as the Personnel Director is to help fellow Brandeis students understand and learn how to become a member of the station.Iif you have any questions about the process or are interested in becoming DJ trained, feel free to contact me at: rsterling@brandeis.edu!
Sarah Halpern

Sarah Halpern, Communications Director


Sarah is our Communications Director. She runs our social media accounts (insta: @brandeiswbrs, twitter: @wbrsfm.) She is a new member to WBRS and plans on starting a show next semester. Contact her with publicity requests!

Aaron Minsky

Aaron Minsky, News Director


Aaron is the News Director for WBRS. He is a Sophomore double majoring in Business and Politics. In addition to hosting Minsky’s Mainstream Media Wednesday nights from 8-9, he helps students program and manage their own news-based show as well as hosting the Student Union Update show. Aaron is involved with other activities including discussing America’s relationship with Israel as BIPAC Campus Engagement Coordinator and in finance as a Consultant for Adventis, a financial modeling boot camp. If you are interested in talking about literally anything, email at aminsky@brandeis.edu.
Adam Landau

Adam Landau, SPUD Director


Adam Landau is the Special Programming Director (SPUD) for WBRS. He is studying film and psychology, with a minor in philosophy, and he loves music!
Cahler Fruchtman

Cahler Fruchtman, Sports Director


Hello, I’m Cahler a rising sophomore from beautiful Wisconsin. I’m excited to serve as Sports Director for WBRS where I primarily hope to provide a consistent broadcast outlet for Brandeis Sports teams. Naturally, working at WBRS I am a huge music fan from Zac Brown Band to Rave EDM, Vivaldi to Billy Joel and pretty much everything in between.
Elias Kane

Elias Kane, Chief Announcer

Eli is the Chief Announcer at WBRS. His love for music is truly unparalleled in this world. If you were Eli, your favorite musicians would be TPain and Young Thug.  Eli  is also a celebrated sound cloud rapper and you can find him on sound cloud under his alter ego. You can contact him directly at eliaskane@brandeis.edu if you have questions about chief announcer and what that position does (I’m not sure rn but if you email I will find out), if you want to purchase a mixtape, if you want to get some intern hours in on a show, or if you just want to chat via email. He has lots of experience announcing as a Ahief and is happy to be back at WBRS doing what he does best, chiefly announcing. Go WBRS!