WBRS Board Members


Olivia Givens

Olivia Givens, General Manager


Olivia is our General Manager (GM) at WBRS. As GM, she oversees the studio and e-board in an attempt to have the station run smoothly. She would not be able to do anything without the help of her amazing board who she loves dearly. She is majoring in HSSP and Sociology with a minor in Women and Gender Studies. She hosts “Ultimate Trash”, a music broadcast of horrible but catchy bangers on Thursday nights from 11-12 with our Communications Director Charlotte. Catch her in the studio from 8-9 Monday nights for office hours or send her an e-mail anytime with questions or concerns!

Sage Rosenthal

Sage Rosenthal, Programming Director


Sage is the Programming Director at WBRS. As programming directer Sage handles scheduling, the website, and acts as the bridge between the DJ community and our E-board. Sage is a junior studying Health: Science, Society, and Policy and Psychology, and when she is not studying you can find her DJing her music radio show “Sage Thyme.” You can also find her playing with the babies of Lemberg, or fighting extreme poverty with the organization, The ONE Campaign. Please feel free to email Sage with any scheduling questions!

Matt Gubenko

Matt Gubenko, Business Director


Matt is the Business Director at WBRS which means he is responsible for keeping track of the WBRS spending and the WBRS budget.

Yair Koas

Yair Koas, Technical Director


Yair Koas is a junior at Brandeis University studying Theater Arts and Classical Studies. This is his 4th semester on board as WBRS Technical Director, working to make sure everything at WBRS is running smoothly. Apart from WBRS, Yair acts in many theater productions on campus, and is an active member of the Brandeis Tae Kwon Do club sports team.


Isaac Zukin

Isaac Zukin, Music Director


Isaac Zukin is currently our Music Director. Isaac has been with WBRS since his first week at Brandeis and has made student music on campus one of his utmost priorities. He is an IGS and IMES major and will be studying abroad in Jordan this Spring. Feel free to reach out to him with any questions at all at music@wbrs.org. He holds office hours every Monday from 8 to 9 PM in the WBRS studio.

Olivia Kershen

Olivia Kershen, Personnel Director


Olivia is a junior at Brandeis majoring in Psychology and Education Studies with a minor in Legal Studies. She has been a part of WBRS since her midyear semester (go midyears wooo) and hosts a weekly radio show called “Everything is OK” where she plays her trash music and complains about her average life. As our Personnel Director at WBRS, her job is to relay communication from the e-board to WBRS’s DJs, train interns to become DJs, and keep track of minutes at meetings. Reach out to her if you are interested in getting involved with WBRS and joining our crew

Charlotte Lang

Charlotte Lang, Communications Director


Charlotte is the Publicity Director for WBRS. She enjoys a smooth Instagram aesthetic, regular Facebook updates, and an active online presence. Additionally, she has been active in the Student Union, Waltham Group Afternoon Enrichment, and as a Communication Director in various other organizations.

Spencer Jones

Spencer Jones, News Director


My name is Spencer Jones and I’m the News Director here at WBRS. My job is to provide the means for other students to program and manage their own News based show as well as run the Student Union Update show. I also DJ a heavy metal/punk/hard rock show called Welcome to the Battlefield on Tuesday’s at midnight. I am a Junior and an IGS major. I love music and sports and think WBRS is still super punk rock.
Adam Landau

Adam Landau, SPUD Director


Adam Landau is the Special Programming Director (SPUD) for WBRS. He is studying film and psychology, with a minor in philosophy, and he loves music!
Matthew Schecter

Matthew Schecter, Sports Director


Matthew is the Sports Director for WBRS. He is a Junior double majoring in Philosophy and Politics. In addition to hosting Sports Cade Wednesday nights from 7 to 8, Matthew coordinates and manages the broadcast of Brandeis Athletics. When he is not talking sports, Matthew is discussing Israeli politics as Vice President of BIPAC and Communications Coordinator or thinking about the meaning of life as the UDR for the Philosophy department. If you are interested in talking sports or broadcasting a Brandeis athletic event, please email sports@wbrs.org
Elias Kane

Elias Kane, Chief Announcer

Eli is the Chief Announcer here at WBRS.